Any manager in charge of a team will have a unifying role to play in addition to guaranteeing operational excellence in a context where change is a constant.

Learn in this program how to develop the leadership skills needed to lead your team, inspire the team to excel, while being the safe keeper of your organization’s values, vision and mission.


This training is perfect for team managers who are newly promoted or managers who want to consolidate their skills.

At the end of this training program, you will be able to:
Distinguishing the role of the leader from that of the manager
Recognize a leader’s attributes
Defining key leadership skills and associated behaviours
Identifying the four main leadership styles
Define the leadership role in relation to culture and diversity in the organization

is program is based on a variety of learning methods and activities:
Scenarios, self-assessments
Case studies
Job aids

Available in 5 30-minute elearning modules


2 days (14 hours)


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