Leading a training team


This training will allow you to create your vision, strategy and action plan. You will discover useful team management techniques in the context of training.


This training program is aimed at professionals who manage a team of trainers and/or educational designers.

Establish clear communication and decision-making processes
Recognize and manage group dynamics
Optimize diversity in your team
Manage conflict and problem solving
Use appropriate management and communication techniques for a remote team
Assess your team’s stage of development, effectiveness and commitment
Define a manager’s role and responsibilities
Use methods to organize a team’s work, delegate tasks and follow up on them
Find motivational springs for each member of your team
Set performance indicators
Implement a performance management and evaluation process
Create and use an operational budget and make financial planning of your service’s needs Interactive pr

Interactive presentations and activities that allow each participant to design their action plan.


January 26, 2021


3 days


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